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Rotterdam is a city that always looks ahead, where we see the generous space available to us, and make good use of that space. It is a city that refuses to live, think, or take action within the confines of preconceived limitations. A city where we connect unique forces and strengthen their combined potential. Taking you beyond the borders of what you can imagine all on your own…

Iconic & experimental
Metropolitan & international

The location

Starting mid 2023 in its surroundings, the Charloisse Hoofd will be home to Rotterdam’s latest hotspot end of years ’20: the place where Rotterdam locals, cultural creatives, educators, students and scientists derive inspiration from the city’s skyline and from each other. It will be a place where they can collaborate to create solutions and recharge by taking a stroll along the waterfront. The environment is perfect for experimentation: anything we can imagine can be implemented immediately. This exciting location will bring together visitors from near and far to discover the latest innovations, inspiring enthusiasm about the incredible potential for the city’s future. Co-creation and co-design are embedded in the DNA of the Culture Campus, founded on a convergence of science and arts and facilitated by engaging citizens, local residents, city-makers, start-ups and entrepreneurs in an inclusive setting that fosters social impact. From its early days as an experimental location and concept, it will grow and flourish to become an enduring icon of Rotterdam Zuid, leading the way for the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Creativity & science
Education & culture

Unique partnership

Innovative solutions for complex societal issues demand innovative impact that soars beyond the boundaries of separate disciplines. The Culture Campus emerged from a partnership formed by Codarts, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Willem de Kooning Academy RUAS, and the municipality of Rotterdam. These partners will be joined in future by other pioneers in the field of culture, science and innovation. Together, they will develop ground-breaking solutions for challenges that are relevant to cities all over the world and will educate a new generation of city-makers. For example, how can we continue coexisting in pleasant and healthy ways within the limited space available to us? How can we incorporate circular and sustainable concepts into the city’s structures while remaining productive? And how do we prevent people from sinking into debt?

Future city-makers & promising students
Locals & tourists

Who is it for?

The Culture Campus welcomes students, talented professionals, researchers and cultural creatives from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and beyond. The location is easily accessible to all the people of Rotterdam, as well as regional visitors and international tourists. It offers a great location to sit and do your homework, or sample the very best locally roasted coffee. The Culture Campus is a living lab that offers room to experiment, grow and innovate. That intrinsic quality will also be expressed in the next few years in the area’s development and placemaking. From show or exhibition to techno lab, from cultural conference to artificial intelligence studio, the future holds infinite possibilities.

In development

The Culture Campus opens up a whole new city district, offering unique opportunities for local residents and parties throughout the region. It proves the potential of Rotterdam Zuid, enabling it to grow into a shining example for cities worldwide. In this location, we will develop talent, build towards our city of the future, and work on solutions that can be used all over the world. The people involved are already dedicating time and energy to a short-term plan and a longer-term schedule of requirements. Local residents, stakeholders and other interested parties are constantly consulted and engaged in the process. Input from the national government, regional committees and district councils, foundations, the cultural sector and educational partners has also provided crucial direction along the way. Follow the latest developments on this website, or contact us via to find out more about how you could get involved.